Frequently Asked Question

  1. Wie genau werden die Treibhausgase kompensiert?
    Durch Wiederaufforstung bei uns in Deutschland, bzw. durch Projekte unserer eigenen gemeinnützigen Organisation. Mehr darüber direkt über www.klimanko.de.
  2. Who can become a CSI customer?
    Climate protection and will consistently further pursue this objective. Accordingly, we favour business partners who are willing and able to join us on this journey.
  3. Do I as the forwarder face any additional fees?
    You will only pay the freight charges, on which you have agreed with us. All compensations will be paid directly by us. As a result, you will not incur any additional expenditure.
  4. Will there be any additional purchase of certificates?
  5. Will projects also be supported e.g. in Africa, so that less wood is consumed?
    No. We deliberately do not support such projects.
  6. Will there also be reforestation in the tropical rain forest?
    No. This is not compatible with our principles.
  7. Can I also make a contribution irrespectively of transportation?
    Yes, you are welcome to make an active contribution to non-profit projects. Please find our own project at www.klimanko.de. We cannot give any reliable statement on other organisations. As a basic principle, however, you should pay attention as to whether fictitious emission reductions are achieved by means of mere certificates trading. “Non profit” certainly also represents an advantage in this segment.